Monday, April 24, 2006

Programme 13: Its the Last 'Shoe' in the Series....
Broadcasting Tuesday April 25th 2006
Well, that went quickly! This week I take a look back at the series and also talk about my own shoes, some of which you can see below. The shoe on my foot is one of the LK Bennett silver raw silk kitten-heeled mules I got married in...

Below you can see my trusty old New Rock boots, which lace through a hole in the middle of the metal heel and have survived 2 (yes-1997 and 1998) wet and very muddy Glastonbury festivals! Also below are my wosh trainers with the gold wedge heel, the black and white brothel creepers I got from Shelleys for a fiver but are very stiff and therefore very uncomfortable. In the foreground are my Red or Dead suede shoes that I got in 1990 and wore when I saw the Cocteau Twins play at the Town and Country Club in Kentish Town.

There will be a new series of The Shoe Show in Autumn 2006. The first series will be repeated during the summer (times and days to be confirmed).
I will be spending the next few months researching, writing, interviewing and gathering information for the next series. I will continue to update the blog regularly so please pop back and visit for news, views, stories and general footwear information and pictures!
There will be an hour long Shoe Show special on Terry de Havilland on May 10th at 7pm (more details to follow).
to everyone who helped to make The Shoe Show possible and to everyone who featured on the shows. Thanks especially to all at Resonance FM, to Kutsal Bilgin for engineering the first half of the series, special thanks to Poolord for his time, help and expertise, and to James DC for suggesting I make it in the first place (and for his constant vigilance regarding "Levels!")

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