Friday, August 04, 2006


I would just like to recommend this marvellous London-based web resource for all those people out there who have a hankering to know what their indie-music-type bands are wearing on their 'plates' whilst treading the golden cobbles or gig-type-venues of our beloved 'Smoke.

Although having said that the picture above- although sporting plenty of beer and fags (oh yes, so rock n roll...) is of one of my shoes. I can no longer claim any band membership or musical type rocknrollness- unless you count the theme tune I recorded for the show...nah...

Cor luv a Duck

Please see Links section for gorgeous Rock n Roll shoe-bee-doos...

Carole Hodgson's Charles Jourdan Shoes
Check out these beautiful, exquisitely designed Charles Jourdan shoes which belong to the artist Carole Hodgson. They are divine, and too small for me to wear ( probably a very good thing or the temptation to wear them would too much to bear!). Carole says she remembers buying them in the '60s in Bond Street.

For further info

rmation about Char

les Jourdan and Car

ole Hodgson please the links on the RHS of the page. Thanks Carole!

Nothing Short Ov a Total (Trainer) Love - In

It all started so innocently, a Saturday afternoon in Bristol, idling away around the kitchen table at Tim and Lou's (or 'Hotel Sultana') with a glass of wine and some cheese and turned to trainers and before we knew it a full-on trainer 'Love-In' developed with trainers from all personages present getting in to it...maaan...

Me and Matt & Lou and Tim

What fine hospitality and what fine shoes!
Cheers me ole luvvers as they sez in Brizzol