Friday, June 02, 2006

Let's get this SHOE on the road!

Due to unforeseen circumstances I have had to take a break from all things shoe-related (apart from my own personal day-to-day shoe lustings!) but now I am back.

So much to write about- so much to see - so many shoes to try on, wear, talk about and fall over in!


If you saw my post on MBTs - I have been waering them almost every day since I got them and I DO think they have made a difference to my posture and the muscles in my legs. I have been doing nothing else fitness or diet-related during this time (I last blogged about MBTs on 5th April- so quite a while ago) and have stuck to my usual regime of lots of walking and lots of croissants, coffee, red wine and chocolate. I am NOT recommending this as a way of getting fit or being healthy but only that the only thing that could have made a difference to the shape and improved (slightly) muscle tone and cellulite must be those shoes.

More to come on this- my friend has got a pair and hers came with a DVD so we are going to watch it next week and see if we are walking correctly whilst wearing them, to maximise the benefits.

More Exciting NEWS - I am not shoe-ing off, honest!
I have just embarked on training for a half marathon (yes- obviously lost the plot a bit there- but it seems like a good idea!) with my good friend and fellow MBT wearer (see elsewhere for a pic of us with a Vivienne Westwood shoe) Mel.
What on earth has this got to do with shoes? Running shoes- currently, mine are Saucony, Smell's are Adidas (correct me if I'm wrong babe). So, as neither of us have ever run a half-marathon before, it is a great opportunity to look at and review running shoes - look at the construction, design, materials etc. BUT, most importantly, whether they do the job thay are made for! We will be running 2-3 times a week so there is mucho running shoe research to do!
Any thoughts on running shoes would be much appreciated.

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Katie said...

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