Saturday, April 22, 2006

What a Croc!

I have now received my crocs from the lovely people at Crocshop and they are VERY comfortable, colourful and cool (and YELLOW!). Please see the links scetion for the Crocshop website. I mentioned Crocs on the show a couple of weeks ago- they are starting to appear in shops in the UK now but have been very popular in the US for the last few years. They are made from Croslite, a closed cell resin, which makes them very light and also they can be sterilised so are popular with people working in medicine. The sole is orthotically designed (if you look at the picture above on the right you can see the 'footprint' inside. I would recommend them to anyone who needs something light and supportive to wear on their feet. The first pair I got felt too big, but were actually the right size if you go by the instructions. They are supposed to have a very loose fit, with the sides of your foot and your toes not actually making contact with the shoe- but this felt very odd and when I spoke to Karen at the Crocshop she said lots of people have found the same thing, and actually feel better wearing a smaller size- maybe we just need that bit of restriction over here -we're not so happy to 'hang loose'...?!
Anyway, the smaller size is just right and I am looking forward to getting lost of wear out of them over the Summer.

Check this out! Thanks to Kerra Mitchell (who has been doing work experience at Resonance FM) for this link:
Shoes made from a computer keyboard!

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