Sunday, September 17, 2006

More Shoes!

Check out New Look (if you are a shoe-a-holic you will already have got a cheap 'fix' from their great selection of cheap and cheerful footwear) on the web here:
I am very impressed with the range, value and quality of their footwear- they seem to have something f0r eveyone this season-

I've just bought 2 pairs of high-heeled lace ups (one with a brogue style and a pair of patent black pointy oxfords- yum!) at £20 a pop- AND I can actually walk in them and I am not great at wearing high heels for any length of time...these get my vote.


Lizy said...

Very Nice pair of shoes..These days can find many shoe related blogs on net..this shows how people are interested abt
fashionable shoes.Like your shoes..good selection.

grapenuts said...

a programme about shoes...on the radio...this must be the worst ever idea

Lucy Fur Leaps said...

Well Grapenuts- It's about a year late this reply but you are certainly not the first person to say that and probably won't be the last- but did you ever listen to the show?

R.E.II™ (The Missing Manuscript) said...


Natalie said...

Lucy! Very nice collection! Very diverse!
Thank you for subscribing/following.